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Mission Statement

What we do

Our goal at Hear Express Learn Process is to promote and facilitate overall sense of well being of the body, mind, and spirit, by fostering internal homeostasis. To achieve this goal we provide services when the deficits are within our scope of practice, and make appropriate referrals when other professionals have to intervene.

In the Classroom
Elementary Classroom
Chalkboard Drawings


Based on the Jack Katz Buffalo Model for Auditory Processing

We assess auditory skills strengths and weaknesses by using a battery of tests that evaluate the auditory system. Case history and parent/ caregiver questionnaire is an integral aspect of evaluation for accurate diagnosis


LOTUSS Protocol:

Neuroplasticity of the auditory system lends itself to respond to intervention. Therapy addresses the specific deficits. Improving auditory deficits is a bottom-up approach aimed at strengthening the auditory pathways to the brain. When brain hears what the ear hears (Jack Katz), it fosters development of strong communication skills necessary for emotional, social, and academic development.


Whole Brain Principle

Auditory skills training is an integral part of the whole brain development. To achieve the maximum potential and for optimal growth and development, other interventions may be necessary. We will make appropriate recommendations if we suspect any other condition that may need to be evaluated. This may include Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Vision Therapy, Physical Therapy, Reading Specialist, Psychological, or Medical evaluation.

Our Program: Activities
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