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The Brain is One Connected Organ

The program at Hear Express Learn Process places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development. We use individualized attention and support to facilitate a well integrated system. The same brain needed for communication and academics is also used for all other activities of daily living. Without well integrated sensory inputs, optimal function of the brain will be compromised.  

Finite energy is available in the brain to be able to focus and shift attention on a variety of activities simultaneously. This energy can deplete very quickly when there is a significant deficit in any of the areas of function in the brain. This results in a narrow window of tolerance for the individual, and other ensuing social, emotional, and academic difficulties.

We use a variety of therapy programs in addition to the auditory processing intervention to achieve this integrated brain function.

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Well integrated  and grounded system promotes a sense of overall well being. This is achieved by  facilitating and increasing the window of internal tolerance to a variety of sensory inputs and improving mental flexibility to changes in the immediate environment.

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