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What is effective and efficient Auditory Processing

"Strong and effective auditory functions facilitate skills to Hear, Express, Learn, and Process.

Robust and efficient auditory skills are necessary to Listen, Organize, Think, Understand, and Speak with good Stamina."  Dr. Kaul

At Hear Express Learn Process, our goal is to facilitate active participation in the learning process in order to comprehend, retain, and express. This process includes strong executive skills for self-monitoring, self-correction, and self-regulation. Short-term memory and working memory skills are also integral to this learning process.

Developing robust auditory skills is a basic necessity to achieve the goal of active participation.

Auditory skills include:

Sensitivity-to be aware of the incoming auditory signals 

Auditory filtering-to choose appropriate incoming signals and to ignore the unnecessary information

Attention- to focus on the information over time

Dichotic listenting: ability to listen from both ears at the same time

Selective listening: ability to listen to one ear and ignore the other other ear appropriately

Analysis- of the information by decoding and discrimination

Synthesis- blending information meaningfully

Comprehension-Attach meaning (auditory association)

Organization and Integration- of all the incoming information

Comparison- of incoming information with previously stored knowledge 

Expression-Provide an appropriate output/ response

Appropriate feedback mechanisms for self-monitoring and self-regulation skills, develop with practice, experience, and maturity.

Finally Auditory Processing also involves increased endurance with time to sustained auditory input with maturity 

Awareness Identification Discrimination Comprehension

Auditory Function : Academics
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