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Auditory Processing Services

Auditory Processing Evaluation and Intervention for effective and efficient communication skills required for Social, Emotional, and Academic development and progress.

Intervention is beneficial to anyone with auditory processing deficits. It is effective for all ages. Adults often complain of difficulty processing auditory information in noise. 

Although attention and auditory deficits coexist, often auditory deficits can be mistaken for attention deficits and inattention. 

A trained audiologist with experience can provide adequate information and diagnose auditory deficits accurately. 

A comprehensive assessment includes case history, present level of performance in a variety of activities of daily living, and a battery of tests. Interpretation of results should include qualitative and quantitative analysis. 

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A Note from Dr. Jack Katz

Dr. Kavita Kaul is a highly respected colleague of mine, as well as hundreds of colleagues in the International Guild of Auditory Processing Specialists. She is one of the founders of that organization.  I have known Dr. Kaul for quite a few years, and about 10 years ago asked her and a colleague, who I have known for decades, to present with me at a national conference.  Since then, I have called on her for assistance many times because of her knowledge in both Speech Pathology and Audiology.

Dr. Kaul is an expert in using the Buffalo Model for assessing and providing therapy for those who have Auditory Processing Disorders (APD).  For this reason, I have asked her for help in researching complex problems and in editing my work.  Most recently, I asked her and four other colleagues to help me revise my book on therapy for APD.  I value her insights and comments.

I am delighted to write this support for the excellent work that Dr. Kaul does, as well as for the care and concern for those she works with, whom she is dedicated to help. 

Jack Katz, Ph.D.


Director, Auditory Processing Service, Prairie Village, KS

Research Professor, Hearing and Speech Department, University of Kansas Medical Center

Professor Emeritus, University at Buffalo

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